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  • “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.”

    - James Baldwin

    The 18/19 School Year

    CSU Expository Reading and Writing

    12th Grade English

    This class is designed to engage students in critical reading. As critical readers we question both the author’s intentions and our own.

    English 3

    11th Grade English

    In this class we ask, how does language interrupt or perpetuate systems of power?

    Creative Writing

    Grades 9 -12

    We use language as a tool to explore our lives and the lives of others.

  • Research Justice in the English Classroom


    Student-Led Research

    12th Grade English  

    September-November 2018

    In August 2018, our classroom received a Teaching Tolerance grant for our 12th grade students to design and implement research on peer voting knowledge, attitudes and behavior.


    The grant will pay for two graduate or undergraduate researchers from local colleges to collaborate with students.

    Call for Collaborators

    We put out this call for undergraduate or graduate students

    Using a “Research Justice Framework” (DataCenter), 12th graders will generate original research about voting knowledge, attitudes, and behavior among their peers, then analyze and share results. We’re looking for two undergraduate or graduate researchers to lead two classes (60 students) through the design and implementation of their research.

    The Voting Project

    We set out to understand youth voting attitudes and behavior

    With our collaborator from UC Davis, Gabriel Martinez, we set out to understand youth voting attitudes and behaviors. 60 high school seniors designed an online survey that was completed by nearly 350 juniors and seniors. We are analyzing the results now.

  • The Technology Academy

    In Spring 2018, I was asked to lead the technology academy at the high school where I teach English.

    I'm thinking about

    How do we foster the confidence to learn new things? How do students learn to think flexibly and manage uncertainty?


    How do we build student leadership into the fabric of the academy?


    How do we foster the methodical, analytical, and critical thinking skills necessary to problem solve?


    How do we become literate in the ways that technology can perpetuate -- or disrupt -- injustice?


  • Linguistics in the ELD Classroom

    Looking Beyond English: Linguistic inquiry for English Language Learners

    Our questions: Is there a role for linguistic inquiry in a class of high school ELLs? In particular, can the analysis of students’ home languages interest and engage them in critical inquiry?

    Has a remote Amazonian tribe upended our understanding of language?

    “Crooked head” is the tribe’s term for any language that is not Pirahã, and it is a clear pejorative. The Pirahã consider all forms of human discourse other than their own to be laughably inferior, and they are unique among Amazonian peoples in remaining monolingual.

    Introduction to linguistics: MIT Open Courseware

    This class will provide some answers to basic questions about the nature of human language. Throughout the course, we will be examining a number of ways in which human language is a complex but law-governed mental system...

    SKILLS: School Kids Investigating Language in Life + Society

    SKILLS , the first program to teach linguistics in California’s public schools, is a collaboration between UCSB faculty and students and Master Teachers in high school classes in Santa Barbara County.

  • Central Park 5

    Expository Reading & Writing Course: 12th Grade English


    A Film by Ken Burns, David McMahon, and sarah Burns


    Lessons from Central Park 5

  • Media

    How can journalism engage young adults?  

    How Alexandra Bell Is Disrupting Racism in Journalism​

    Eight interactive stories from Latin America you should check out

    PHOTOS: Animals That Could Disappear Because Of Us

    The federal government’s boldest land grab in a generation produced the first border wall — and a trail of abuse, mistakes and unfairness.​

    The Faces of American Power, Nearly as White as the Oscar Nominees


    Preaching the Gospel of Diversity, but Not Following It  




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    United States of Immigrants




    Double America (2012)

    Double America, 2012. Neon and Paint.

    By Glenn Ligon


    language family tree

    Illustration of the Indo-European and Uralic language families, by Minna Sandberg, adapted from an infographic page from the comic Stand Still. Stay Silent